Greetings & Salutations: March 2020

Greetings from Palm Springs, land of sun, fun and more sun. 

I’ve been a P.S. fan since my early 20s. Then, it provided all the amenities of an adult Disneyland – meaning the rules of life didn’t apply as far as dining, drinking and dating (if you get my drift). As I “matured” (I loathe that word) and life in my native L.A. grew more and more insane, I found myself more frequently retreating to other side of PS – that of peace, tranquility and beauty. 

The San Jacinto’s have always been my touchstone. 

After purchasing a home in the historic Movie Colony East neighborhood in 2015, I made my move permanent in 2019, having bowed out of the rat race to pen a book that had been brewing in my brain for decades. I haven’t had a minute of regret, and although I still go back to L.A. for family and appointments (without fail, my knuckles start to tighten their grip on the steering wheel when I get to Pasadena), I consider the desert to be my home. 

A few months back, I was eating in one of my local haunts, Bongo Johnny’s (I love their guacamole burger), the waiter said to me, “Well, you get it, you’re a local.” “Local,” the word filled my heart with pride. It was proof that I had been adopted by my homeland of choice. 

Life in the desert is most definitely different, and the “desert rats” who reside here with me are unique in their own right. The rules of life still don’t apply here, however now I am blessed with a different perspective and experience, which I hope to share in this post. 

Until the next time, I end this as “Poolside from PS.”

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