COVID Cruise Calamity: September 2022

My family recently took a dream cruise to Alaska, home of the amazing Mendenhall Glacier and Endicott Arms, majestic bald eagles, fierce black bears and the cunning COVID calamity. Whoa there, back up the bus! You read right. Out of 13 family members who boarded this love boat, about seven of us came home withContinue reading “COVID Cruise Calamity: September 2022”

It’s a Dry Heat: August 2022

Summer is my favorite season in Palm Springs. The tourists have flocked back home, lengthy lines have subsided at local eateries (some of which close for a siesta), and a general sense of calmness settles upon the city. Alas, this world of well-being does come with a bit of heat, but at least it’s aContinue reading “It’s a Dry Heat: August 2022”

These Fires Run Deep: April 2022

I saw a bumper sticker a few days ago that read: “Remember your grandparents were at Woodstock” and it got me thinking. It may be difficult to conjure images of today’s gray-hairs adorned in tie-dyed rags, torn jeans and stringy long hair, smoking pot and getting jiggy with it while rolling around in muddy fields,Continue reading “These Fires Run Deep: April 2022”

Just Say “Hi”: March 2022

Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth, but I’d venture to say, Palm Springs is one of the most friendly places on the planet. And, as we traverse these “times that try men’s souls” to quote Thomas Paine, there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that. Yes, I can already hear the “How can you makeContinue reading “Just Say “Hi”: March 2022″

Take a Hike: February 2022

I have never considered myself to be “outdoorsy.” I mean, sure I liked to camp every now and then, and I appreciated the wide open spaces, but I am not one of those REI-inspired, granola-eating, wool sock-wearing kinda people. Then, I moved to Palm Springs. Throughout my life I had been drawn to the magnificentContinue reading “Take a Hike: February 2022”

Good Deed Doing: January 2022

A little good can go a long way. I discovered this over recent months as frustration with issues like homelessness, COVID and the divisiveness in this country began to weigh on my shoulders like a 10 pound sack of russets. I wondered, “What could I, one small speck of a human being, do to improveContinue reading “Good Deed Doing: January 2022”

Just Who Is Nextdoor: November 2021

When I first bought my home in Palm Springs you can imagine my excitement at receiving an email inviting me to get local updates on my very own “Movie Colony East” neighborhood.  The web site was and I signed up and put up my first post. “Hi, I’m Manny and I look forward toContinue reading “Just Who Is Nextdoor: November 2021”

Learning to Detach: October 2021

Take a deep breath for five long seconds. Hold it for five. Now, release for five. Doesn’t that feel much better? If the above sounds familiar, it is because it is a commonly used breathing technique to help reduce stress. And, it’s been something I’ve been practicing a lot lately. You see, it appears thatContinue reading “Learning to Detach: October 2021”