The Persistence of Memory: September 2021

These days, memories perplex me. It’s not that I forget them, nor is it time to start investing in Prevagen, but rather that they persist in taking up valuable brain space, much more so than in the past. Thus, I find there is often little room in my over-taxed, pint-size brain to store them all,Continue reading “The Persistence of Memory: September 2021”

Aging Has Its Advantages: August 2021

I recently hit that golden plateau – you know the big 6-0! Even though the awareness that I likely have between 20- to 30-years left on planet earth freaked me out a bit, I have since adopted the “Emperor Wears News Clothes” approach to life and am boldly moving into the last third of myContinue reading “Aging Has Its Advantages: August 2021”

Massive Marilyn Moons Museum: July 2021

Anyone who lives in Palm Springs knows the most divisive debate taking place over recent months was not whether to mask or not, but rather where to place — or where not to place — the iconic Marilyn Monroe statue, “Forever Marilyn,” as she makes her triumphant return to the desert. This towering 26-foot sculptureContinue reading “Massive Marilyn Moons Museum: July 2021”

Like a Vacation, Only Different: June 2021

Thinking of taking a vacation? Think again. You may find yourself needing a vacation from that vacation as I recently discovered after taking flight to The Land of Enchantment, a.k.a. New Mexico. I believe this year, trips will be like vacations – only different (am I the only one who loathes this phrase?). Like manyContinue reading “Like a Vacation, Only Different: June 2021”

Can You Truly Achieve All Your Goals?: May 2021

The other evening while savoring a tasty Buffalo chicken sandwich at a Palm Springs eatery, I experienced an epiphany as I gazed out upon a burnt orange and red sunset – I realized that I had pretty much achieved all my goals in life. Then, as quick as that, a lightning bolt came crashing downContinue reading “Can You Truly Achieve All Your Goals?: May 2021”

March 2021: The Ring

For those desiring to remember something frightening, this story is not about that wacky Japanese horror flick featuring a ghost with bad hair, but rather about a ring that goes on your finger. Understanding that life in the desert comes with perennially dry hands, the other day while cleaning the kitchen I casually slipped offContinue reading “March 2021: The Ring”

Things I’ve Learned About Palm Springs

As I approach my second anniversary of living full time in Palm Springs, I would like to share the top 10 things I have discovered about my little hot hamlet (in no particular order). A combination of vinegar and Dawn (half and half, google for full directions) can solve many of the world’s ills. PalmContinue reading “Things I’ve Learned About Palm Springs”

December 2020: So You Wanna Be a Writer?

For as far back as I can remember, writing has been part of me. I penned my first short story when I was 8-years-old. It was called “Paperback” and it was about a boy in a wheelchair. My mom kept these early scribblings in a piano bench. One day she handed me a manila envelopeContinue reading “December 2020: So You Wanna Be a Writer?”